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Pending DBK claims at Chennai Air Customs due to EGM Errors / Non Filling of EGM.

You may be aware that DBK pendency report has been published by the department in their website and a public notice no. 37/2018 dated 06/12/2018 was also issued by requesting the stake holders to rectify EFM errors latest by 30th Dec. 2018.The above public notice also mentioned that if no reply received o­n or before the specified dated, the shipping bill will be processed (‘0”) as drawback in terms of the Public Notice.

For information of our members the error details pertaining to DBK claims for Air Cargo, Chennai due to EGM not filled (6074 Shipping Bills) EGM Error (882 shipping bills) is attached

It has been noticed that large number of Shipping bills still pending due to these errors and we o­nce again request to rectify the errors immediately, so that these shipping bills can be moved by the department to the DBK que for sanctioning of DBK.

In respect of 6074 shipping bill it has been noticed that the Airlines ye to file EGM’s and for 882 shipping bills EGM errors need to be rectified.These details are also published in Air Customs Chennai website

Members are requested to please check up the status and take up the issue with your customs brokers urgently and this need to be cleared o­n or before 28th February, 2019.For any clarification please contact Mr. Rahul, B.R. Superintendent (Drawback), PH: 91-44-22569519 / Mr. K. Thirugnanam, Assistant Commissioner, (DBK) Ph: 91-44-22560405;22569515.

In case you need any assistance you can also contact FIEO Offices.

Pending DBK claims at Chennai Air Customs due to EGM Errors / Non Filling of EGM.
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