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Business Delegation to Nairobi, Kenya & Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, From 17th to 23rd November 2019


FIEO/SR/1(022)/19-20                                          27th September 2019


Business Delegation to Nairobi, Kenya & Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,

 From 17th to 22rd November 2019

Last Chance to Join


-      B2B meetings, sectoral focus, interaction with business leaders, opportunities for export, import, joint ventures, dealerships and reach to entire African Market 

-     Individual attention for meeting specific business interest matches

-     Participation in World Export Development Forum B2B meetings with business delegates form whole Africa, industrial field visits, etc.

 FIEO invite you to join for a high level Business Delegation and B2B Meetings to be organized jointly by FIEO & International Trade Center (ITC). The program is being organized with the theme of o­ne Africa building o­n the momentum of the newly ratified African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA). The single market in development is having 1.2 Billion population with an aggregate GDP of 2 Trillion, opening up new business matchmaking opportunities.

The major B2B sessions will be held at Ethiopia which is uniquely positioned as an important bridge of Africa to Global markets. Major focus is o­n agri business and companies of all sizes form across the globe expected to present in Addis Ababa linking Importers, Exporters, producers, buyers, retailers, commercial farmers dealers and retailers. 

Focus areas for B2B Meetings with business interests  is given below and we invite exporters,importers, wholesalers, retailersand investorsinterested inselling, buyingor investing /setting up office, dealerships  etc  to deal below products group:


Meat, fish and dairy products
•Fish andshellfish

•Dairy products
•Preparations of meat,of fish orof crustaceans, molluscs or otheraquatic invertebrates

Agricultural crops and oil seeds

•Coffee, tea,mate andspices



•Coco Beans

Preparations of cereals, fruits, vegetables and oilseeds

•Edible vegetableoils andfats            

Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts


Preparations of cereals, fruits, vegetables and oilseeds

•Edible vegetableoils andfats            

Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts


For Meat Processing
•Meat cutterequipment
•Meat grinderequipment

•Meat mixerequipment

For fruit and vegetable processing
•Grading equipment

•Dehydration equipment
•Canning equipment
•Juice andpulp extractionequipment
Fruit juiceand pulpprocessing equipment
Paste-making equipment
Fruit-crashing equipment
•Homogenizer equipment
•Bottle-related equipment
•Cleaning equipment


For Oilseed processing
•Oil-milling plants

•Oilseed-processing plants

•Solvent extractionplants
Vegetable oil refiningplants
•Continuous deodorizingplants
•Oil expellers

Packaging solutionsfor Meatand Agricultural Products
 •Primary packaging
•Secondary packaging
Packaging machinery

Agriculture Implements

·All types of pumps & Irrigation System

·Agricultural Implements, Equipments etc..



  •Mineral, chemical, animal vegetables fertilisers


If you are active in above areas, please join us in this business delegation and explore new and emerging opportunities in Africa. 

With the support of ITC, a preliminary identification of complementarities and facilitate appointments among producers, manufacturers, producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and investors will be scheduled. The first stop is in Nairobi which is the regional hub and B2B sessions with profile matching will be organized. o­n arrival at Addis Ababa each delegates will be provided with a profile book including company profile of all B2B participants and you own personalized schedule of appointments with potential partners of over 15 pre-fixed meetings.  Based o­n profiles provided, the delegates also can avail spot B2B meetings.

 As a special gesture, Accommodation (twin sharing basis) for entire trip will be complimentary for those who confirm their participation by remitting the participation charges to selected participants who will be confirming. As we are joining with various Chambers and other organisations for organizing B2B events, lunch, Dinner etc. will also be hosted in most of the days. We are also will be taking care of logistics.

Tentative Programme for Visit of the Delegation in each country are as follows: 



Nairobi, Kenya

17th November, 2019 

All delegation members will check in at Nairobi Intercontinental hotel during noon

Safari to Nairobi National Park will be organised in the afternoon (expense to be born by the interested participants separately)

Welcome and Briefing Meeting at 9 pm

18th November, 2019 

8.30 am to 5.00 pm

B2B meetings, meeting with Kenyan National Chamber, networking Lunch, Dinner etc. 

19th November, 2019

Check out

Visit to Export Processing Zones (EPZ) Athi River

Visit to Agri business 

Visit to Plug and Play infrastructure facilities 

Departure to Airport for Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

19th November, 2019

Arrival and Check in 

Ethiopian Skylight Hotel

20th to  21st  November, 2019

B2B meetings at World Export Development program of ITC (Pan Africa Program/ Networking Dinner 

22nd November, 2019

Check-out from the Hotel and departure to Adama Industrial Park

Return to hotel and Dinner 

Departure for India

Confirmed participants will be provided the suggested itineraries and all are requested to travel by suggested flights for taking care of your logistic needs. We will also provide you a link of Ethiopian airlines which will enable you to get discounts.


All delegates are requested to reach Nairobi latest by 17November, 2019 noon and suggested itinerary will be provided. 


Interested members are requested to send registration as per the format attached o­n or before 30th September, 2019 for availing the benefits. Kindly send the filled registration form as attached and send the same to the and reach us in 044-28493333 / 28497755 and 9444191119 for any clarification.

Based o­n the profile, the delegates will be selected and communicated for enable them to remit the registration charges. Due to limitation in number of delegates and availability of fund, please note that the selection of the delegates will be done based o­n the sectors and profile of the participants which is complete discretion of FIEO/ ITC.

I personally invite you to join in this program and explore Africa which is very promising for future business growth.



Business Delegation to Nairobi, Kenya & Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, From 17th to 23rd November 2019
From 17/11/2019 till 23/11/2019 at
Capacity: 30
Contact for participation
Contact Name: Mr J Jay kumar   
Contact Number: 9894521718; 044 2849 3333; 2849 7755  
Contact Fax:   
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